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Celebrate Diwali In An Eco - Friendly Manner
Published By neha rathore on 2009-10-10 2163 Views

The party season has arrived now! Diwali is approaching and everyone is planning about the perfect way to celebrate this auspicious festival. So if you are also thinking to have fabulous and fun time at this diwali with your friends and family members, then read the following tips! These smart tips will help you spend this diwali in an eco-friendly way- so have a look below! This diwali instead of making use of plastic streamer, just decorate you home with bright and colorful dupattas taken from your mother’s wardrobe. Drape them around your home and magical effects to the interiors as well as exteriors of your home. Go for the option of real flowers instead of artificial flowers and give your home a beautiful, refreshing outlook. To enhance the décor of your home, make intricate designs on floors using non-toxic colors only. You can always go for smart paper made lantern which are available in vivid designs and color in markets to add sparkle to your home interiors. Don’t forget to place floating candles and diyas to bright up the places. Instead of using your traditional and conventional crockery why not go for something different this diwali. Serve your guests on banana leaves to bring the feeling of festival come alive in everyone. Opt for glasses made from mud instead of glass and plastic. This way you can keep the environment of your home on an uber ethnic edge and eco-friendly state. Instead of burning crackers on this diwali, go for light candles and indulge in yummy delicious food. You can burn sparkles if you are too fond of burning crackers as they keep a check on carbon emission. Be enthusiastic about the festival. Try to be best in hospitalization otherwise all the efforts would turn into waste. keep it real, traditional and eco-friendly in whichever manner you want! .
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